Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everything is looking brighter!

For the past week or even two, I have been in a bit of a funk. I am not sick or anything, just have not felt like myself. As strange as this started, it all ended on the drive to work this morning and yet, nothing has really changed. Allow me to explain...

This morning as I was getting off the highway and turned east towards work, I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful sunrises ever. The sun was shrouded in a milky fog that made the entire sky appear to on fire. I pulled the car over to the side of the rode and just soaked it all in. I must have been there for 5 minutes just staring at first and just before I about to pull away I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was smiling without even realizing it and it felt incredible. That feeling has stuck with me the rest of the day....funny how even now, that funk I was in seems so distant.

As for the trip, it is officially back on! We have had to move our arrival and departure times forward one day, to accomidate an important appointment Marie has...but we are going and this too has me feeling a little happier today. I called Ontario parks today and changed the dates with them. They wanted to charge me $9 to bump everything forward one day. It took some effort, but I talked the girl into waiving the fee....don't ask how. In case you were wondering, I have adjusted the count down clock for the new departure date...yes I am anal! ( stop laughing G)

We will be going down to MEC to get the remaining needs next Tuesday and again this has me pumped. I love going to that store and I love getting new gear..this will be fun!

I continue to train for the marathon and despite the incredible heat yesterday, still pulled off a personal best of 51:10 for my 10K hill course. I am still not loving the fact my favorite part about running is when I stop running...but I have to admit, it is getting less of a struggle and my goal of doing the marathon in 1:45 is looking very realistic these days.

Have to get back to work, but have to mention our new website is up and running. This will be the new home to our Algonquin adventure and this blog...eventualy. Feel free to let us know what you think...

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Suds said...

I think is GREAT! The only problem is that the dead links don't take me anywhere... j/k.

I like your blog today... especially the part about your favorite part about running is stopping. Kinda like my favorite part about dieting is eating!

Just kiddin' bud, great post and I'm glad the trip is back on too!