Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Meal Plan Finalized.....Again

Gerry and I have finalized our meal plan for CC. 2007. It was actually done some time ago, but either our palates have changed or the fact that we leave in in a mere 57 days has forced us to take a hard look at what we need and not got caught up in last years trap of "...this would be nice".

So without further delay, here is the Final (...I hope) meal plan for CC 2007 and below that you will find our Grocery list. At a glance it would appear that we are bringing about 1/3 the food we did last year, so that equates to about 10-15 lbs of food. Compared to the whopping 36 lbs of food we brought last year, of which we ate less then half and even that was often forced down.

C.C 2007 Five Day Meal Plan

Day 1

• Breakfast- ON THE ROAD
• Lunch- Bagels with deli meat, cheese,
• Dinner- Sausage on a bun, White wine, carrot cake

Day 2:

• Breakfast- English Muffin, eggs, bacon, hash browns, coffee
• Lunch- Bagel, bacon, cheese
• Dinner- Ham Steaks, instant mashed potatoes, White wine

Day 3:

• Breakfast- Protein/Oatmeal, coffee
• Lunch- Tuna Wraps,
• Dinner- Steak , Side Kick Pasta

Day 4:

• Breakfast- Protein/Oatmeal , coffee
• Lunch- English Muffin, Bacon
• Dinner- Pasta Side Kick/ Textured Vegetable Protein

Day 5:

• Breakfast- Protein/Oatmeal
• Lunch- ON THE ROAD


• Jerky
• Dehydrated Mango, Watermelon
• Flakies
• Granola Bars


• Coffee
• Gatorade Crystals

Grocery List:

1. 4 – Bagels
2. ½ lb. Deli Meat
3. 8 oz Cheese
4. 4 – Sausage
5. 4 – Buns
6. White Wine
7. Small Carrot Cake
8. 6 – English Muffins
9. 500ml – Flavored Egg whites
10. 2 packs – Pre-cooked bacon
11. 3 cups – Hash Browns
12. 14 servings of coffee, whitener, sweetener
13. 6 servings of tea
14. 2 – Ham Steaks
15. 1 – Side Kick Mashed Potatoes
16. 2 – Side Kick Pastas
17. 12 – Instant Oatmeal
18. 2 – Tuna in a bag
19. 4 – Whole Wheat wraps
20. 2- Steaks
21. Roast for Jerky
22. Dehydrated mango
23. Dehydrated Watermelon
24. 8 Flakies
25. 26 Sweet and Salty bars
26. Gator-aid crystals
27. ½ lb GORP


Mungo said...

Will you be bringing boxed wine?
I'm planning to have a solo trip in July - must get planning myself!

Jim said...

For sure!

As a kid I remember my Dad getting this huge 4 Liter boxes of wine and he often complained about how bad it he continued to drink it.

For our trip I am not sure what type it will be, but I am pretty sure that boxed wine has come a long way since dear old Dad days....or at least I hope it has?

When is your trip and where are you going?