Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fat Rage

Gerry wrote in a recent post about how athletic types are likely to voice there intolerance for fat people. We had recently talked about it and when the subject was first brought up I figured it would be directed at those that are overweight and chose to do nothing about it. But if seems that it is a much broader then that. Gerry points out that for many of these people they walk a thin line that at best is intolerance, but at times boarders on hate. Hate of them being at the gym, exercising, dieting or doing anything to change the habits that contributed to their obesity in the first place. Huh? How the hell are they supposed to lose weight then? It even

I have observed it happening a lot at my gym. These uber fit guys quietly (sometimes loudly) make fun of the fat people working out. It's just disgusting!

I have my own issues with people that are overweight, but only for those that are doing nothing to change. For example, anyone that is overweight and is suffering life altering or even potentially life ending health problems as a direct result of being fat should be doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to address the problem and if they do I applaud any effort....even one that fails. But if someone decides to do nothing to change their, smoking, diet, activity and lifestyle......then just shut up and live with the decision you have made. Don't whine to the rest of the world how unfair it is that you can't have another triple bi-pass surgery....please just shut up and quietly wait to die.

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