Monday, June 18, 2007

Hennessy Hammock Gear Test Video

Last Friday evening Gerry and I did a complete set-up of our hammocks and caught it all on video. This video is not exactly a gear's more of a way of showing anyone who might be interested in buying one just how easy they are to set-up.

One of the things perspective Hennessy Hammock owners can' t fully appreciate from the video is how comfortable these things are. Once I got over my fear of the whole thing crashing of the ground I was able to lye back in absolute comfort as the breeze gently rocked me back and forth. After 5 minutes I was starting to feel like a 220 lb infant and had to get out to avoid falling asleep.

We are both very excited to use these on our trip this year and without further delay, here is the video...

PS- Make sure you listen carefully to here Gerry scream like a girl with excitement...and no, I am not kidding. It's just that good!


Anonymous said...

Sweet. looks comfy and practical.


Suds said...

Scream like a girl? What can I say... it was that comfortable! :)

Good bye achey joints from sleeping on the ground!