Friday, May 18, 2007

You can do it!

Ever since I laced up my shoes and went for my first "real run" over five years ago I have wanted to help others to do the same. There's lots of reasons why, but the one that means the most to me is that anyone can do it....ANYONE! Unlike other sports, running is very individual and so are the goals and results.

Back in high school I played on lots of team sports and had some success, but I was never the star player I wanted to be. Whether it was rugby, basketball, wrestling or volleyball, I was always an average athlete and despite experiencing the feeling of winning as a team, I never felt I had contributed as much as the more talented players. There was no way for me to compete with them...they just had more god given ability and so I accepted the "worker" role on the various teams I played. I always wanted to have that feeling of doing my best and be rewarded for just that, without being outshone by someone more talented.

This is the best part about running. It's all about me! Not really, but it is all about individual results and people race against themselves as they strive for a new personal best. This is the reason so many of us run and explains the explosion in popularity in the last 20 years. With this in mind, I want to help people get out and give it a try.

The last few weeks I encouraged my wife Tanyia and Gerry's wife Marie to start a beginners running program. I could tell they were interested and motivated, but at first they were still hesitant, so I gave them some time to think about it. About a week passed and I still had not heard anything, so I emailed them "the plan". It's a starter run program created for those that have not run before and prepares them to complete a 5 km race. They liked it immediately and have been following it for 2 weeks! They are even going to compete in the Port Perry 5 km race in September of this year. Way to go girls!!!

Gerry and I have also laid the ground work for him and I to train together for a 10 km race this fall and are just working out a few details. It is so cool to help others benefit from running and even if only in a small way, I like to think that I have helped inspire them as well!

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