Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time for a much needed update....

I know...I know, it's again been way too long since my last update of any significance, but between the demands of work, home and training it has been difficult to find the time. So this will be a summary of my last few weeks.

  • The Hennessey Hammock- It arrived in about 10 days....not bad delivery time considering it is coming from B.C? At first glace I was impressed with the packaging and the fact that it comes with it's own stuff sack that has the set-up instructions printed on the outside...very cool indeed! The actual set-up on the other hand proved to be a little tougher then expected.. It wasn't that it was difficult to put it up, quite the opposite actually as the "tree huggers" and the hammock were up in about 5 minutes. The part I struggled with was figuring out the instructions for tying the "Hennesy Hammock Knot". This knot is the only thing that prevents you from crashing to the ground and as I found out the hard way, if you do it wrong the 3 foot fall should help to remind you the next time. The instructions on the stuff sack were almost impossible to decipher, so I again turned to the forum to ask for advice on how to tie it correctly. As usual they delivered BIG TIME with this great site that describes how to do it and even includes a video. After watching the video a few times I have mastered it. The hammock is very cool and unbelievably comfortable. One of the features is how it can be used as a "camp chair", but I think it's more like a Lazy's that comfy folks. As a tent it was great and although it will take some getting use to, I am sure this will quickly become one of my fav pieces of gear.
  • Tri Training- My training continues to go well, but I have had to do some traveling with work lately, so it has impacted it a bit....but nothing to significant. The pool is still the thing I find most difficult, but with all the great advice I have been given from my coach Erin and Alex, my new RCMP "pool buddy" I have made some great progress. Alex is now in his early 50's, but at one time was one of the top 5 triathletes in all of Canada! He has been an incredible resource and I great guy to boot!
  • Work really Sucks! - I have had to put in some stupid long days ( 20+ hour days) for the last week, so this has impacted my 'free time" in a big way. The positive side of this is how it has me appreciating how good I have it most of the time, but I will be SO glad when this is over. ...despite having the greatest co-worker in the world to spend time with. ( She is reading over my shoulder, so what else could I say?) LOL!
I will update again on Friday....NO REALLY I WILL!!

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canoeguy said...

Hey Jim. I know the feeling about long days at work (or long nights in my case). Good luck with the training too.
P.S. Check your email.