Friday, May 18, 2007

Deep Fried Turkey....this is not a joke!

Last weekend my family met for dinner at my sister Kate's house and they were deep frying a turkey! At first I was really grossed out by the idea of eating a KFC like turkey, but tried to keep an open mind about it. Well I am glad I did, it was awesome and despite what I expected, not the least bit greasy!

It wasn't that tasteless, bone-dry turkey I cringe at on Thanksgiving. It was moist, flavourful and cooked in a quarter of the time of a regular turkey. I shot some video of it thinking it would be an easy target to make fun of after the fact..."...NASCAR, BB-Q and deep fried turkey...Whoooo what a weekend", but I can't say a bad thing about it.

Gobble? Why fry? There is no other way I can think of to cook that will give you a moist, delicious turkey in such a short period of time. The skin will be crispy and the meat will be juicy and--depending on how you marinade it--spicy.

Deep frying a turkey is not a horribly difficult thing to do, but it requires some preparation and effort to do it right, especially the first time.

Found this on Consumer Reports:

"Consumer Reports has issued a caution on turkey fryers stating that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has refused to certify any turkey fryer as safe! UL said all of six cookers examined could overheat oil to the point of combustion and goes on to use words like "scalding," "flames." "engulfed" and "fire."

So other them safety it's all good! LOL!

The video is my brother-in-law and his Mom and Dad checking to see if it is cooked.

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Suds said...

I can't think of any reason to make fun of that weekend... you just described a dream weekend for me!

It would only be better if we were camping on the infield of the track watching the race live!

Yep, I'm part hill-billy redneck... what can I say?