Friday, May 25, 2007

Tri Training Update!

I just got back from the pool and for the first time since I started training I am excited about swimming! I really disliked it for the first 4 weeks, I guess I went in way overconfident and it showed. My first time out I expected to kick ass, but I couldn't even complete 50 m without having to stop and gasp for air.

But that was 8 weeks ago and things have changed. Today I swam consecutive sub 1:45 100 meters and when I was done all 1000 meters, I felt like I could keep going. This has NEVER happened before! Usually by the time I finished I am so tired and out of breath that I am just happy to be able to leave...but not today, NOT TODAY!

That's all for now...just had to tell someone!


Suds said...

That great Jim!

Ummm... just one observation... you look more... in your picture that you posted with this entry you look more, umm.. ah... asian than usual.

Jim said...

Must be all the stir-fry?