Friday, May 25, 2007

A little bit of this and that...

  • This summer will be the first where we have had all 3 kids in soccer. When we registered them I remember Tanyia saying "...imagine if they all play on the same day?". I dismissed this as very unlikely, "nah, there's 7 days to choose from...what are the chances of that?". That was the kiss of death, 'cause as I am sure you have already guessed the impossible has happened. We are fortunate that we have friends that have agreed to take one of our boys to practice, otherwise it would be impossible.
  • With me doing 2 workouts a day, 6 days a week, I go through allot of laundry. I wear moisture wicking shirts and shorts both, but since they are so expensive I don't have many. This means that I have to run the washing machine much more then if I had more workout clothing, but with the shirts costing $50 each, what choice do I have. Well Vector Cereal is offering a free $50 Running Room technical running shirt with every purchase. I went out yesterday and bought 4 boxes and when will be picking up my shirts today. That's $200 worth of running shirts for buying $23 worth of cereal and the best part is I ALREADY eat the cereal!
  • UFC 71 is tomorrow night and I am so pumped. This is one fight I have wanted to see since Rampage Jackson knocked out Chuck Liddell during the Pride fightings Final Conflict 2003. Although I haven't spoken to him about it, I hope that Gerry is able to come over and watch it. These guys really don't like each other and have allot to prove...this is going to be thrown down. Whooo!
  • I am meeting up with an old friend tonight for drinks and some fun. This was all made possible by Facebook. Up until now, all the people have met on F.B have been people I knew, but not really in the category of "good friends". Dave on the other hand was one of my closest friends and a great guy. I am meeting him at his home in Brooklyn and then we'll go visit his parent. Dave and his family were always allot of fun and I've been told that they will be having a karaoke party tonight....anybody up for a little " To all the girls I loved before?". I will do an update on how it turns out, but I sure hope it turns out better then Gerry's experience....does anybody smell boiling rabbit? Just me?
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Suds said...

Yeah, boy can it turn on a dime eh? What ever you do, don't have any personal crisis after you meet up with him or else you will be havin' some rabbit stew!