Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quick Update

It has been over a week since my last update, but there's far to much to talk about then I have time for at this moment. For now I will give you a summary of my past week and a half, with the promise of more details to come:

  1. I am addicted to!
  2. My tri training continues and I am starting week #3.
  3. The swimming was much harder then expected, but after some rather disappointing days, I am starting to make progress.
  4. I have not done any Yoga in over 2 weeks....just having a hard time fitting it in.
  5. I have been sick, but still managed to complete my workouts...barely!
  6. Still waiting for nice enough weather to do the video field test for the Amigo Pro water filter.
  7. My Hennesseyy hammock has not arrived yet.
  8. My eBay swim goggles SUCKED, so I bought some great ones at CanadianTire...never underestimate "The Tire".
  9. Easter weekend with my family was great.
  10. Jack is doing well. House trained and has turned out to be just a great dog. He completed puppy obedience school and won best in class honours. His health is almost 100% and only has 2 more weeks of medication.
  11. I have decided to put Jacob in Tyke hockey this fall. He is very excited.
  12. It has started to feel like spring and canoe season starts in just a couple of weeks.
  13. As usual, my Leaf blew it and so for now I am forced to cheer for another team...Go Penguins?
Have a good day folks!


Thomas Shields said...

You gotta give the Sabers some credit. All of Toronto can't hop on the Sydney Crosby bandwagon now! LOL.

Suds said...

Go Sydney! LOL!

Jim said...

Sorry Thomas, to me the only thing worse then having to cheer for Buffalo would be for me to start chanting "Go Sens Go!

Everyone has a team they pull for to win and lose. I am pulling for Calgary and Pittsburgh to win and Buffalo and New Jersey to lose.

At least we agree on Algonquin? LOL!