Monday, April 02, 2007

My Son given a shot with the "big club"

On Saturday we went to Jacob's last hockey game of the season....again. It turns out, they invited 20 of the kids from his team to participate in an on ice try out for the Newcastle Minor Tykes and Jacob was one of those asked to attend.

He was at a friends birthday party prior to the game, so he was filled to the brim with cake and candy. Just before he stepped on the ice he let me know that he might not score 6 goals today, I smiled and told him to just have fun. Despite his sugar high, he managed to score a goal, prevent 3 and most impressive, set-up his teammate for a tap in!

After the game I was approached by the coach of the minor tykes. He liked Jacob's speed and scoring abilities, but was most impressed with his ability to read the play. In fact, he said that was the first time he has ever seen a 5 year old go to the side of the net and look for an open man to pass to. I credited Jacob's favorite Xbox game, NHL 2007, as his "inspiration". They offered him a spot on the team for next year and I have until the end of the month to decide.

Since then I have been back and forth on whether to let him go up to tyke or to keep him in the Mites program for another year. Both would be beneficial, but in the mites program they don't have games until half way through the season and I think he would just get bored. ....I am still unsure.

Below are two clips from the try out. The first is his goal and in the second he back checks, strips the puck from kid on a partial break, then goes end to end to set up his buddy.

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