Friday, October 19, 2007

End of Season List and an Update

With canoeing season quickly coming to a close, now is the time to start thinking about proper storage of gear. While searching the net I found this AWESOME list (...did I mention how much I love lists?) and thought some of you may find it helpfull as well. I will post it below.

I have started to do some preliminary planing for one of a few trips Gerry and I plan to do next year. The one I am focused on at this time will be the first one for our kids and should prove to be a blast. I will be bringing Lauren and Gerry plans to take his 2 older boys. I have already found that planning a trip for kids isn't that different from the prep that went into any of our past trips. Finding a route that provides some challenge, but isn't too chalanging comes with some unexpected bonuses. The main one being that since we arnen't having to do long portages or paddles, we can be MUCH more liberal in terms of both the food and gear we bring. As for where we go....well, that's still up in the air. I am bouncing around between Booth Lake, Barron Canyon or Tim River, but it seems the more I research one, the more I uncover other intreguing possiblilities.

As for th Brent to Robinson, CC 2007 trip log. I STILL have yet to even start it! I hope to get started on it within the next few weeks and poke away at it. I will get it done and when I do, you will be the first to know.

Here is the Post Canoe Season Checklist:

1. [ ]Was the tent and ground cloth dry before it was last put away?

2. [ ]Were any repairs needed to the tent or other gear?

3. [ ]Were all the items in the cook set cleaned and rinsed thoroughly after the last use?

4. [ ]Where are the towels and scrubby used for utensil cleaning? These items are often wet and can damage other equipment.

5. [ ]What items did I find I needed during the trip or forgot to take? This is a good time to make a list. There is nothing like stopping at the local outfittter on the trip home.

6. [ ]Are any tools, tent pegs or other items broken or lost?

7. [ ]Do any knives, hatchets, saws or other tools require sharpening? Maybe that Sven saw needs a new blad because it has lost its set.

8. [ ]Have all the water bottles been drained, cleaned and stored away with the caps removed? You may want to loosley install the caps after the bottles are dry. (Keep mice and dirt out)

9. [ ]Has the sleeping bag been aired and stored loosely?

10. [ ]Has the sleeping pad been unrolled and inflated before storage? Keeping them compressed is not a good practice.

11. [ ]Has the trash bag been removed from the pack and put into the trash can? YUK!

12. [ ]Have all the food items been removed from the packs? This can be a double YUKK!

13. [ ]Have rain suites and pack covers been stored away wet?

14. [ ]Have any items been removed from the first aid kit or have the medications exceeded shelf life?

15. [ ]Do any staple items like salt, pepper, spices, oils, matches or fire starters need resupply? (If you use strike anywhere matches they must ALWAYS be stored in metal containers! Mice are known to ignite them.)

16. [ ]I used to advise keeping stoves full of fuel during storage. I have since learned that they should be emptied. The fuel will cause corrosion and clogging. My Coleman repairman told me to remove the fuel during long term storage.

17. [ ]Have all finacial obligations and accounts been settled? Group trips often involve cost sharing.

18. [ ]Have your trip notes been completed? Are maps, notes, and other documents secured for future use?

19. [ ]Has the water filter been flushed, drained and stored correctly? Do filter cartridges need replacement?

20. [ ]Have batteries been removed from flashlights and other such items as the GPS and weather radio?

21. [ ]Does the candle lantern need oil or a replacement candle?

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