Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween is here!

As a kid I always loved Halloween. The only exception was the time I went out dressed as a bank robber and some older kids threw a bag of liquid pig manure at me. It exploded all over my back as I tried to run away and was the last time I ever went trick or treating. I did get more candy then ever that year though, so I guess you take the good with the smelly.

Now that I have kids of my own I love to let then pic what costume they want. This year Lauren is a Hollywood Star and Jacob is a Spider-man ( but it's some black and grey Spider-man....I have no idea what that's all about?).

Ethan's costume on the other hand is right up my alley.
Funny story. The other day Ethan had tried on his Darth Vader costume and was wearing it around the house. After an hour or so Tanyia asked him to take it off 'cause we had to get ready for Hockey. Ethan said "No". Tanyia said to him "take it off or I will! " and Ethan still wearing the black cape, Vader mask and with light saber in hand turned to her and said in his best Darth Vader voice "Mommy, you don't know the power of the Dark side!". What a little goof.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

PS- As I was searching for a good Darth Vader picture to include in this post I found this Ad for a genuine Darth Vader much? $794.00 US ! Crazy eh? I can just imagine that conversation "Hey Tanyia...umm... I bought something off the Internet and it's kind of expensive...but don't worry, it was much cheaper then the Death Star"

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Suds said...

LMAO @ " was much cheaper than the Death Star"

On another topic, for some reason I find it interesting to see what the word verification is when I post a comment so I'm gonna start including them at the bottom of my comment for all to see. (until it gets annoying)

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