Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life Update:

Wow...I know it's been a while since I updated, but I will do my best to get you up to speed. The past few weeks have been crazy. Between injury, illness, work stress, ex girlfriends and neighbourhood unrest (...more on all this in a just a moment) it's been hard to keep my head above water at times...but with Tanyia's help, I manage. God bless that wonderful woman!

The Update....

  • New Tri Bike: My custom Felt 32 arrived about 2 weeks ago and it is gorgeous! As I mentioned in a previous post it came with a bunch of gear that were "nice to have" items. Not the least of which was the stationary trainer, that converts any road/tri bike into a stationary bike for indoor training. Unfortunately, the trainer was smashed during delivery and will need some replacement parts. Aside from that though, this was another eBay steal! Other then a brief spin around the block, I haven't been able to get out for a real ride where I can really give it a hard test. Even during my little spin it was very fast and responsive. I plan to take it out later this week and I will update once I do.
  • My Back is on the Mend...AGAIN!: After 2 weeks of feeling pain just about every time a moved, I am happy to say I am virtually pain free. I still get the odd twinge, but nothing serious. I had stopped going to the chiropractor for a few months and with all of my training leading up to the triathlon and my refusing to slow down after, it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. So as it stands now I haven't trained for 2 weeks! That is the longest I have gone without exercise in over 5 years and although it's good for my back, it's not so good for my mental state. I have been struggling with feelings of depression lately and the only thing that has changed is my ability to train. I hope to be able to restart tomorrow morning. It's been strange how much it has effected my self image. I look in the mirror and I think I look the same, but I feel fat....does that sound crazy?
  • Newcastle has Bloods and Crypts?: While at the park with Lauren and my dog Jack last night, I noticed this large group of teenagers not far from where we were running Jack. Over the next 10 minutes the group continued to grow and grow, until it was well over 50 kids. Then we heard yelling and fights started to break out. I grabbed Jack and Lauren and headed for the house, only 100 steps from the park. I asked Tanyia to call 911 and told her what was going on then ran back to the park. My buddy Dave saw what was going on and came with me. As they came into view there were several real fights going on and one kid was getting pounded. There were now about 60 kids watching and some were using their cell phones to video tape the battles....thanks youTube! I yelled "HEY....get out of here!" and removed my coat, Dave did the same. That worked, I had their attention...even the fights stopped. At this point I am thinking this could go very bad. I yelled again " THE POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY...THIS IS A PUBLIC PARK....GO HOME NOW!" To my surprise and relief, most of them left immediately and the few stragglers soon after. The kid that seemed to have gotten the worst of it was said "..thanks" he looked really scared. My point of this....I thought this kind of stuff happened in the city, but we live in a small town, in the suburbs and it appears it can even happen here. Afterward, I spoke to Lauren about it, but it was hard for an 7 year old to understand why people would want to hurt each other. It was just as hard for this 36 year old.
  • Ex-Girlfriend: I contacted an Ex through Facebook recently to apologize for how our relationship ended. You know, it felt really good and it couldn't have gone better! She forgave me and we are now friends again. It has me considering contacting other people I have wronged in my life. I just feel spiritually lighter!

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