Friday, October 12, 2007

Eleven random things about me

  1. I have broken my left wrist 3 times - once when I was 8 from jumping off a swing, once while playing rugby (hairline fracture...but that still counts right?) and the last time was in a bar fight "on a Sudbury Saturday night". It really was a Saturday!
  2. I have a strong NEED to have everything organized and in proper order. Example: Every night I lay out my clothes for the next day in the order I will put them on.
  3. I can't start to prepare food until the kitchen counters have nothing but appliances on them.
  4. In ten years I have only missed 3 Toronto Maple Leaf games.
  5. I learned how to snap my fingers when I was 22 and high. It felt like I had just discovered DNA.
  6. While singing in the car I reposition the rear view mirror so I can see myself.
  7. Age 7: At summer camp I fell out of a canvas tent while changing into a bathing suit and tumbled down a hill naked in front of a small crowd.
  8. I don't wash the lettuce before I make a salad, but Tanyia thinks I do.
  9. I know hundreds of people, but only have 2 real friends.
  10. Every Monday Tanyia works until midnight and the kids are in bed by eight, so I have the house to myself for 5 hours.
  11. I love Mondays.


Suds said...

LMAO @ "I love Mondays"

That's funny! I wish I had a "Monday". :)

Jim said...

Thanks buddy.

I love Tanyia and the kids, but I have to admit...I REALLY look forward to that day! Is that bad? lol