Friday, July 04, 2008

UPDATE: Blog Format Change

One of the things that came up on my recent trip to Cedar Lake with Mark (I will update later today on that...) was a request....well, maybe it was more of a demand from Darren, Mark and others that I start to archive my posts. I have always been reluctant to do that. My reasons are simple. I use this site to store information I need and use it as my personal online canoe library and when I want to find something fast having ALL my posts on one page was always the easiest approach for me.

Because of this I never really concerned my self with how those with dial-up (...yes apparently some people still use dial-up....shocking!) or the length of time it took for a the page to load even for those with faster services. Mark made some good points.

So I have made some changes that are a good compromise. Only the last 50 posts will now be on the main page and the rest are archived. For myself (...and maybe others?) that like to search the whole blog for a specific post or nugget of information I have added a "search this blog" box that can be found in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

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