Friday, July 04, 2008

Countdown to My Daughters first Canoe Trip!

Just 4 days remain until I get to introduce my daughter to Algonquin Park! I have been planning this trip since the winter, so it's hard to believe that this trip that once seemed so far away, is now just so close I can almost smell the campfire! We will be going to access point 17 Shall lake for three days and you can go HERE for a full break down of our trip.

She is excited and a little nervous I think. I have a bunch of surprises in store for her. Every day she will be given a will even be gift wrapped! I plan to pretend it's her birthday one day, and Christmas the next. Why not? In terms of "gifts" nothing big here, a new watch ( she lost hers a few weeks ago), puzzle book ( also good if it rains), glow sticks, water know fun stuff. I read a while ago about doing this to keep things fun and knew that she would love it.

The weather is looking good too, but we have all seen how quickly that can change.

Getting all the gear together has been easy as heck, since most of it was all ready gathered from my trip last week. I will do the grocery shopping today and then do the final gear pack up on Saturday. I will be carrying my backpack, barrel and of course the canoe. Lauren will be responsible for a small backpack that has her clothes and personal items. I have been told that kids like to help out and feel they are contributing, so she will also be helping with camp setup, meals, clean up and all other aspects of camp life. I just hope she likes it!

I hardly ever get to spend time alone with her, so I hope Algonquin will give us the 1:1 time that is next to impossible to get an our everyday lives.

I will post more about this prior to our departure next Tuesday.

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