Friday, September 21, 2007

"Can I quote you on that Mr. McGinty?"

With a provincial election just weeks away, I found this story out of Australia very intriguing...

Google Australia has unveiled what it described as the world's most powerful dedicated election website, capable of exposing inconsistencies in the public pronouncements of political leaders. With an election due in Australia before the end of the year, Google said the website - - would be a powerful tool for voters and would help generate debate during the upcoming campaign.

Google's Australian-developed election site includes a feature called "On the Record", where users can type in a politician's name, along with an issue of their choosing.

It then scours parliamentary transcripts and the politician's personal website to find any statements on the issue, allowing voters to check whether their representatives are being consistent.

It also gives voters electoral information through a range of online tools including YouTube, GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps. Google said it was the first time so many features had been available on a single election website.

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