Friday, September 14, 2007

Update: New Links added

Ontario parks has added a very cool site that not only shows the real time progression of the fall colours in all provincial parks, but even displays what combination of colours would make for the best viewing.

You can check it out by finding the link under the "Algonquin Park Info Links" heading in the sidebar OR you can just click here.

Thanks to Mark for posting the Link.

I have also added links to Hennessey Hammock, the Amigo Pro Water Filer and Red Tail's Bent Shaft Paddle. I meant to add them ages ago, but they were somehow overlooked.

As for the fall colours, Tanyia and I are planning to take the kids out of school in October and head up to Algonquin for a day of hiking. I think we will go to the Barron Canyon, but still many options!

Suggestions anyone?

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