Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In preparation for CC2007, which we leave for in just 8 days, I have been reading some of my older posts in hopes of hitting the "refresh" button on some of the details for the trip. After reading about 10 or so of these posts from last year, I started to noticed how the style of my writing has changed from a fact based style to more of a rambling first person narrative. Personally, I enjoy both, but lately I have found it hard to find the time to write it all out and it has greatly reduced the number of times I post. So for now.. I will return to the points, but don't worry, I am far too long winded for it to last long!

  1. CC2007 Prep: All the lists are made, the food has been purchased and for the most part I am already packed. All I have left to do is grab some dehydrated mango and GORP from the Bulk Barn, buy some baby bell cheese ( my IGA doesn't sell it...PS- they suck!) and a few minor items from Crappy Tire and I am ready to go! As I write, 3 lbs of inside the round beef is marinating in the fridge and will be jerky by this time tomorrow. My excitement level for this trip is at an all time high and neither of us can wait to get it started!
  2. How I make Canoe Trip Lists: As many of you will already know, I am crazy about lists! Much of this stems form my need to always be prepared and my fear of forgetting something important. "....I thought you brought a lighter?". Call me obsessive, neurotic or a control freak, but in my life I just feel better when everything is written out and canoe trips are no different. For our trips I have 4 main lists: Gear List, Grocery/Packed list, Meal Plan and To Do list. Here is how I do it. First thing I do is create a meal plan...nothing crazy here just 3 meal a day and what snacks and beverages we will have. From that list I then create the Grocery/Packed list that I use to buy what we need and then check it off as it is packed. The to do list is just a list of things I want to remind myself " pack the freezer food" or "charge camera batteries" or "grab paddles in garage"...that sort of thing. I find this list very helpful for those little jobs that may get lost along the way. The last and most important list is the mighty Gear List. I do my Gear list a little different. I break the list into 6 headings: Clothing (including clothes worn), Kitchen Equipment, General Equipment, In my Pocket, Top of the pack and Other considerations. I then assemble everything on my dining room table ( wife HATES that part) and scratch off items at they are packed. Anything that can not be packed then (like my glasses for instance) I circle, so I will notice it later.
  3. Harry Potter: As I have mentioned many times, I am a total geek and just in case you need more convincing....I was in the line at midnight to pick up both my copies ( one for me and Tanyia...did I mention she's a hot geek?) last Friday night! I love the books and I am already about half way through it. It makes me a bit sad that this is the last one though and even though I am sure this is it, I am still holding out hope for another one. "...hi, my name is Jim and I am a Potter-a-holic"
  4. Training: Not to sound arrogant, but I am kicking ass on the ground and in the water! My running and biking are going well, in fact, I have already bettered ( is bettered even a word?) my projected times for both. But it is my swimming that I am most proud of! I have been doing a swim program that over 3 months escalated in distance, intensity and speed and for the first time I swam the full distance, without breaks, at "race speed". I finished in 13:22 seconds which would put me in the top 100. It is just under a month until race day and I am looking forward to scaling back my workouts after the race. It has been awesome, but after doing 2 workouts a day, 6 days a week for the past 5 months I think earned a bit of down time.
  5. Solo Trip Write Up: First off, thanks to everyone that has inquired and I am pleased to let you know that it about half done and I hope to post it before we leave for CC2007. The experience I gained solo has changed how I look at tripping and I hope that by doing an honest and at times embarrassing account of my trip, that others can learn from some of my mistakes.
  6. History of Brent: I had intended on posting this a while ago, but never got around to it until now. It gives a brief history of the town of Brent (access point 27) and has some great pictures. Thanks Gerry!
  7. Gerry's Car: As Gerry discussed in a recent post, he accidentally caused some costly damage to his car. In hopes of making him feel better about it, I figured I would share some of my more embarrassing car related mishaps. Like the time I backed out of my drive way and rammed in to my next door neighbours car causing $1000 damage or the time I rear ended an SUV at a stop sign because I had to go the the bathroom so bad I was about to pee my pants. This one caused $3700 damage to my car and nothing to the other vehicle! Another good one was while traveling through Quebec Tanyia suggested I slow down and while pointing to the busy highway, I said to her "Look at all these cars...what are the chances of me getting caught?"....5 minutes later I was being written a $300 speeding ticket. See Gerry, stuff like this happens...and fortunately for you, it seems to mostly happens to me!


Mungo said...

Good luck on your trip. I am hoping for another in September some time - I want to make beef jerky - do you use a dehydrator or the oven? Please will you let me know?
Hope all is well,

Jim said...

I use a dehydrator for mine, but many people have success using the oven. I I dehydrate all kinds of things, but a surprising favorite was watermelon. It tastes like cotton candy!

The first time I made it I over dried it and it was more like beef chips they were so dry. If it ever is to dry just toss a few pieces of bread in a sealed zip lock with the jerky and it will moisten right up. Once you have it right, get as much air out of the bag as possible and then store it in the freezer until you want to use it.

Hope that helps Simon