Friday, July 06, 2007

Awesome Gift

Like many people, I love coffee. The aroma of fresh pot of java is one of those things that can make me feel at home, regardless of where I may be and our canoe trips are no exception.

We have tried a few different ways of preparing coffee while in Algonquin. The first was the French press which worked well, but is just not practical for interior camping. We have also used these little bags you fill with coffee, then using a little stick hang it over your mug. This worked OK and was light, but it was too easy to get coffee grounds in our mugs. It seemed there was not a perfect solution.

That all changed yesterday when Gerry arrived at my place with a gift he had picked- up from MEC. It's called the GSI H2JO! Coffee Filter and it's a metal coffee filter that converts any Nalgene bottle into a a simple coffee brewer! I plan to try it tonight, but it looks amazing and will no doubt become a staple on all our trips.

Thanks Buddy!

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