Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A few links for Rock Lake Solo

  1. Driving directions
  2. Mark in the Park Rock Lake trip log

9. Rock Lake (Copied from Algonquin Adventures trip logs)

(9.1) Loop: 3 - 5 days - via Pen, Welcome, Florence and Louisa Lake - Margaret Kean's "Visitors". (Brief text account, with e-mail contact)

(9.2) There and back: 2 days - to Welcome Lake - Cheryl's "Rock Lake to Welcome Lake" trip-log. (Substantial text account with three photos and email contact)

(9.3) There and back: 3 days - to North Grace Lake by way of Louisa Lake - Randy Born's "Rock, Louisa and North Grace Lakes - May 8-10, 2004 " trip-log. (Text account with three photos)

(9.4) There and back: 4 days - Pen, Clydegale, Welcome, Harry, Rence, Clydgale and Pen Lakes (with detours to Galeairy Lake) - Randy Born's "May of 2004, Phase Two" trip-log. (Text account with six photos)

(9.5) Loop: 5 days - Pen, Welcome, Harry and Louisa Lakes - May 12th to 16th, 2005 Markus Rubino's "Pen - Louisa Loop" trip-log. (9.6) There and Back: 3 days - north of Highway 60 to Redfox and Hiram Lakes - extensive portaging by logging road - May 21-23, 2004 Markus Rubino's "Hiram Lake Portage" trip-log.

(9.7) There and Back: 6 days - South to a basecamp on Pen Lake, with daytrips to Clydegale, Welcome and Harry Lakes "Rob W's Algonquin Spring Fishing May 9 - 13, 2005 trip-log. (text, photos and website).

(9.8) There and Back: 4 days - Portage to Pen Lake, with daytrips to adjacent lakes Mike and Laurie’s 3 Nights On Pen Lake trip-log. (text & photos).

(9.9) There and Back: 6 days - to Pen and Welcome Lakes, with a daytrip to Harry and Rence Lakes - Tom Yates' "The Yates Group Trip 2006". (text & photos).

(9.10) Loop: 5 days - solo "folbot" trip through Pen, Welcome, Harry, Rence, Frank, Florence Lakes and Lake Louisa - Jim FitzSimmons' "Algonquin Journal - 2006". (text & photos).

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Mungo said...

Getting exciting, isn't it!
I'll be going to Rock Lake Saturday morning, but going through Galeairy Lake towards the East - I went through Lake Louisa via Rock Lake last year - was excellent, but that 2895 metre portage was a tricky one.
Look forward to seeing your trip report!