Monday, November 06, 2006

It's a Secret...shhh!

So I am on lunch at work reading the Wilderness Paddlers Handbook, by Allan Kesselheim...specifically, a chapter about little things you can do to make any down time on a canoe trip fun. One of the suggestions really strikes a cord with me.
So much so, that I even find myself saying aloud ..."what a great idea" and the person in another office responds "are you talking to me?"Anyway here is the idea...

Both Gerry and I allocate...hmmm...let say $10, to a secret treat and bring it on the trip. Now neither of us will know what the other has brought until actually there! It could be anything...liquor, pastry, gag get the idea. I want to try this next year, provided Gerry is cool with it.


  1. We can not tell each other what we are bringing

  2. It has to be something we can both have, use or wear

What do you think?


Suds said...

since when did you waste your lunch break researching things for our trip? LMAO!

Jim said...

I went to the gym early that day...LOL!!