Monday, November 06, 2006


After re-examining the Gear and Meal lists from last year, I have updated both to reflect all the changes and both are available for download. (In M/S word format)

GEAR LIST CHANGES: From the Gear list, I have removed some of the heavy objects that I thought would be useful, but were not used on the trip at all. Like the GPS we did not need and the solar battery charger that works great, but not needed when I also have 3 sets of triple A's for the digital camera. Oh...and least I forget about the full water bladder then seemed to work well for Gerry, but I just did not want to add another 5 lbs of weight. The other changes are mostly of the extra pair of less t-shirt variety.

MEALS LIST CHANGES: Added some more complete meals, while eliminated much of the food we did not touch. For the most part we are bringing what we need, plus an extra days food and snacks.

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