Friday, October 09, 2009

27,000,000 views and I've never of heard of this?

I admit that I am not exactly the hippest guy anymore. Just the fact that I just used the word "hippest" should speak volumes about how long ago it's been since I had any genuine idea of what what was cool.

I do however consider myself pretty up to date on pop-culture, so it's with a bit of surprise that I admit I don't know how this one got by me.

Here's the scoop.... last night I'm watching one of my fav shows (The Office) and on it two of the main characters are getting married. At a critical moment in the show they make a reference to a youtube video where a wedding procession breaks from tradition and dances their way down the isle.

This morning, still puzzled by the reference, I check you tube and sure enough this amazing video of a real life wedding has had over 27 million views. How did a pop savvy guy like me not know?

Anyway for anyone else who, like me , has been living under a rock the video is below. It really is cool and makes me happy every time I see it. I have always done my best to blend in and not do anything that had the potential for others to laugh at me, so I have so much respect for this couple. On a day that most consider one the most important of the lives, they decide to do their own thing and in doing so, show that this day is about them and the way they will live their lives and not about pleasing everyone else. How cool is that?

Let me know what you thing in the comments.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. I saw this a couple of weeks ago.....

...I think they are related


Anonymous said...

Funny Stuff! Both of those videos are cool.


Anonymous said...

No pressure, but.....we thought you were back? Where'd you go again? Was it something we didn't say - like, "we love your blog"?

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Tiana said...

This is wonderful and very merry. Bravo said...

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