Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Very cool visual search engine

Today I came across RedZee, which gives you a visual representation of your search query results – not unlike Microsoft Vista's Flip 3D feature or Apple's Cover Flow for album artwork.

For example, if you type "Golden Retrievers," you'll be able to use your mouse to scroll through the golden retriever-related website snapshots by holding down the button and dragging left or right – so you can easily locate the site (or kind of site) you need thanks to this visual information. When you see a site you want, simply double-click it to bring up the page full-screen.

I haven't played around with RedZee for any great length to see how accurate the search results are – which, after all, the most important quality of a search engine – but I like what I've seen thus far. But if you happen to be searching for porn....don't bother, it doesn't work for "sex related sites"....I've been told.

Oh, and can anyone tell me what kind of animated, er, animal, greets you on the RedZee main page? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Jim, Jim, Jim,
I just bet someone told you about 'those' sites lol!

Looks to me like someone told the candycaned donkey about 'em though :)


Jim said...

It's all about research Joan! I am nothing if not thorough...;)