Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Computers: I love and Hate you!

I have been trying to re-install Roxio Media Creator 9 on my new laptop and as you may have guessed from the title of this post, it's not going well! Although this suite comes with a host of utilities, the only one I use is the video editor and have grown to love it. Desperate to get my new laptop updated with all the software my old one had I have spent a collective total of 4 hours trying to get it to work and have finally said forget it! The software suite is good, but not 4 hours wasted trying to install it good!

Long story short....I tried to install it, but my system froze when the program was about half installed. So I uninstalled that and rebooted. it wouldn't accept my serial and after 2 hours talking to customer support and about 20 different "solutions" still didn't want to install. So I have abandoned the Roxio Suite and in doing so have found an much better application. It's a stand alone video editor called Power Director 6. I am still in the "honeymoon phase" with it, but so far I am impressed....hey, it installed the first time!

In a recent post Gerry talked about how Facebook has taken a real nose dive by allowing all these 3rd party applications. Man...I could not agree more! I love the networking part of fact I have reconnected with and become friends with several people because of it, but I can't stand all the stupid requests from these Apps. It has turned me against Facebook so much that I hardly login anymore.

My Most Despised Facebook Requests:

  1. "BLANK" want to add you to their Top Friends List
  2. A Werewolf has bitten you
  3. A Vampire Has bitten you
  4. A Zombie has bitten you
  5. And the dumbest of them all...."You have a Virtual Cocktail waiting"...Gee thanks here's a virtual $100 which is almost as useful!

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Eileen said...

Hey Jim! I was just catching up on a few web things and was wondering about the various algonquin trips....but you've already addressed that! LOL! I have to comment that I agree totally with the whole facebook and apps thing....way too many. What was wrong with the first wall....why do we now have to have a superwall or a funwall....but I must admit with not having the ability to consume alcohol at the moment....the virtual cocktails are better than none at all! LOL! At least I can pretend I'm drinking and just act drunk! Nice to see the details on your tri....congrats on completing....that alone is a huge accomplishment! Then again I'm about as active as the couch cushions these days!