Friday, March 13, 2009

Best Algonquin map gets even better!

A while back I posted about a new Algonquin map being made available for free by Jeffrey M. Jeffrey, a popular poster on the Algonquin Adventures message board, has taken it upon himself to compile information from, maps, satellite images, trip logs and MANY other sources to create what has quickly become the "must have" map for the Park.

The map has so many features it's easy to forget to list them all, but the ones that stand out for me are:

-Accurate mapping of all water bodies ( even some lakes are missing on other maps)
-Old and new Lake names (great for history buffs)
-All roads old and new
-Old and current portage routes
-Old and current campsites
-Common fish for most lakes
-Historical sites
-Points of interest from some of the most experienced people to ever walk a portage
-Rail lines
-Difficult or Impassable portages

....and the list goes on and on. Simply put this is hands down the best map Algonquin has ever had and now it can be yours.

Jeffrey has always made the map available for free from his website Free Algonquin Park Map, but with version 2.0 set to be released this weekend, Jeffrey has announced that we will also have a printed full sized map or book version available for purchase. Both versions will of course still be available for FREE download, but if like me, you prefer a physical map and don't have a printer capable of recreating it in all it's glory then this should interest you.

In yet another classy move, Jeffrey is selling the book and full map versions near cost and what little money is made he is donating to Algonquin related charities.

Just to sum this up....

Jeffrey takes YEARS to create the best map ever, then makes it available for free and when he does sell it....oh he gives all the profits to charity. How cool is that people?

I asked Jeff the following questions and below are his responses:

Will the pages be laminated or waterproof?

"Nope, it won't be waterproof or laminated. I'm just going with a print-on-demand company (And ordering in small quantities to save folks the $15US shipping charge that would apply if one were only purchasing a single copy.) That means that options are limited sad.<span class=gif" width="14" height="14">. The good thing is that the pages are printed by a laser printer, meaning that if you bring a page or two (Or the entire book,) and it gets wet, the ink won't bleed, the paper will only get soggy (Again, it'd be nice if I could find a way to get it printed on a waterproof substrate but such is life.)"

Size and weight?

"Size in pages is... 84. I don't have my proof yet, so I can't tell you weight. The dimensions are 8"x10" with .5" margins on all sides except the centre which has a .75" margin (Which makes each map 6.75"x9" or 9"x6.75")"

What format? I imagine the full map in the front cut in to 70+ sections, each pointing to the appropriate page number. Am I close?

"You're exactly right. There's a table of contents and an index map pointing to 72 different submaps. Each submap was custom made (As opposed to being extracted from the big jpg) so that nothing gets cut off. The scale varies between pages, but is 1:80 000 for the most part with a few 1:60 000 sections and two 1:100 000 sections (The 1:100 000 sections cover places that wouldn't be of as much interest to those who paddle Algonquin; for instance, Lake of Bays is covered by on of those two maps.) When I release the new map and make copies of the book available for sale, the PDF of the book will be available online for download."

When do you expect it to be available?

"My timetable is like this... receive proof, approve proof, release map for download online, order 50 or so books and shipping supplies. Hopefully I'll receive the book proof this week.... that means that I'd post the map this week and order the 50 or so books this week as well. Obviously there's places that delays could happen in this timeline, but that's my hope."

I am very excited about the book version and have already reserved 2 copies. To get your name on the list or if you just want more information visit the links below and be sure to let Jeffrey know that you read about it here!

Go HERE to reserve your copy or to ask Jeffrey questions about the book for full sized map.
Official Free Algonquin Map website.

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