Monday, January 26, 2009

Google Maps on your GPS!

Last year I bought a used Garmin, etrex Legend Cx off Craigslist. I bought it for the trip to Ishpatina Ridge that unfortunately never happened. It came with Topo maps for all of Canada and street navigation software. I loaded the streets software and loved it so much I even bought an aftermarket mount for it to use in the car.

The only problem I have with it is loading new way points by address. The software is very awkward to use and even after entering an address the chance of the software finding the location was 50/50 at best. So, I would have to manually search the map and once found, enter the way point on my computer then upload it via USB to the device. What a pain in the ass! The thing that really sucked was that I would often use Google Maps to find the location and then search the software map. So many times I wished there was a way to just find a location on G. Maps and upload it to my GPS.

Well now there is!!! While looking up the location of an arena for a hockey tournament this weekend I stumbled upon the answer. (SEE IMAGE) After I plugged in the address and it was found I clicked on the "send" button (..thinking I would send it to the team) when I noticed the GPS option. Moments later I loaded the plug in for my device type (Garmin) and within minutes I had uploaded the way point. This is so cool!!!!

It's compatible with all the big GPS makers as well, so if you have one check it out!

Check it out.

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Barry Bridgeford said...

Hi Jim

You stated "Moments later I loaded the plug in for my device type (Garmin) and within minutes I had uploaded the way point."

What "plug-in" are you referring to? For your web-browser or the Garmin?

I don't have a GPS yet. But I'm trying to grasp the "details".


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