Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Review

What a year 2008 has been! As I said in my last post, there have been some tough times to be sure, but I like to think of 2008 as a year filled with great experiences, fun times and where I was able to achieve my goals.

After re-reading my last post, I really don't like the whinny tone that post gives out. This year has been so, good for so many different reasons that I think a highlight real is in order.

Here are my Top Ten for 2008....

10) Finishing my Basement- More room for all my canoe gear!
9) 3rd in Sprint Triathlon - It would have been higher, but I could have won it
8) First Canoe Purchase - It's shinny, red and for a while I had two...remember?
7) Canoe trip with friends from Algonquin Adventures - Thanks Mark!
6) Kids Sports - Jacobs first hat trick, Laurens Playoff performance, Ethan the soccer sensation
5) Trip to Cuba - Yes, even with the Scorpion fish bite/sting it was still an amazing adventure.
4) Coaching My Kids - Not sure who has more fun. Hockey, Lacrosse, fun!!!
3) First Canoe Trip with Lauren to Booth Lake - (...trip log coming, soon?) lol
2) 3rd at Olympic Triathlon - I had no idea I had done that well until they called my name.

....and my number one event for 2008 is....

1) 10 year Anniversary with Tanyia, my wife and best friend!

Love you T!!

Happy New Year everyone and I wish all of you a great 2009! ( it just me or does 2009 sound very futuristic? Like we should be all driving George Jetson's Bubble car to work?)

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