Friday, December 14, 2007

Roll Out the Barrel!

After extensively researching the subject, I have made a big decision.....well not really a BIG decision, but one that will have lasting impact on future canoe trips. I have decided to start using a food barrel and harness. The reasons are simple, all the food will be in one place, food no longer has to take up space in my pack (...and risk it's sent staying on my pack) and foods that are prone to being squished....won't be. But the most important reason comes down to numbers. With 6 of us going on the "kids trip" next summer (Me, Lauren, Gerry and two of his boys), we simply won't be able to get away with putting food in our packs....there just won't be enough room.

There are two sizes although I fairly sure the 30 liter would be the right size, I would love to hear from any of you who have used barrels to know if I should just go for the 60 liter. Thoughts?

Anyway, the barrel is a 30 liter and is your standard blue barrel. Nothing special about that, but the key is choosing the right harness and I think I have.

The one I plan on getting is from Headstrong.
Check out the incredible reviews it received from Mycc.

Here's what they say on their site...

Headstrong Packs manufactures the only self-tightening Barrel Harness on the market. Designed by a Mechanical Engineer, this innovative harness holds the barrel tight and close to your back resulting in significantly less back strain and improved comfort.

The ergonomically designed dual-density lumbar pad and waist belt enhance comfort on long portages. The self-tightening design keeps the padding in contact with your back and distributes the load evenly.

Tumpline users will appreciate the better lift efficiency provided by the optimized tumpline angle.

Proper material selection and design result in very rugged construction to ensure that the Headstrong Harness will last through many paddling adventures.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a pretty good discussion on blue barrel size:

The problem I am having is that the Headstrong site seems to have gone down and the resellers seem to be out of stock on the harnesses. I guess I'll have to keep my fingers crossed.