Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Overdue update and someone forget there medication?

The trip was more then I could have ever hoped for and I want to give you a summary of the experience. To the scores of people that have been asking/demanding that I do a post trip update, my next post will be for you, this one is to the fans of this blog.

I am still blown away at how maney people read the blog and how upset a limited few get when I have not updated for a while. Of the angry email I have recieved since my last post, this one is my favorite:

Dear ***whole,

Where the *uck are you? You left over 2 weeks
ago and still no update...I have followed this blog for months and now just
before we get to the end of the story you decide to say *uck it, I am out of
here? Well I have had it with this bullshi* ...........later


P.S - I was just thinking that
maybe you were injured on the trip and that has stopped you from
updating. If so GOOD, I hope it hurts prick.

Reading that makes me wish Gerry and I were back in the middle of the park again...isolation has so many advantages.

Trip summary next folks!

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